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Our Team of Finance Specialists: Jason

Jason Masri

General Manager

Jason has over 20 years motor industry experience. Specialising in Finance, Insurance and motor vehicle sales. With excellent relationships within the dealer network, Jason will get you the absolute best Buddy Price for your new or used car.

Our Team of Finance Specialists: Ace

Ace Shuster

Finance & Insurance Specialist

Ace has been working in Finance and Insurance for last 10 year. He is a specialist in getting an approval for you if there is any opportunity to make it happen. With vast relations in the industry, Ace will negotiate the best finance package on the market for you amongst the 30 Lenders on our panel.

Our Team of Finance Specialists: Nicole

Nicole Hanlin

Car & Asset Finance Broker

Nicole has been working in the motor industry for over 10 years. She specialises in Finance & Insurance. Nicole commenced her career in sales and knows the motor industry well. She is your Sales and Finance buddy. She can assist you through entire process from getting you finance approval to finding you the perfect car.

Man in White shirt.

James Simpson

James has over 20 years industry experience. Having run multiple dealerships; Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Subaru and Honda. Prior to being appointed as General Manager for brands listed above, James had a finance background for over 5 years. James’s background and experience make him the perfect candidate to assist our clients with all their motoring & finance needs and guarantee that they are getting the absolute best package on the market.

Our Team of Finance Specialists: Monty

Sean Montgomery

Car & Asset Finance Broker

Sean has been in the motor industry for over 18 years. He is an absolute specialist when comes to Toyota. Has spent his last 9 years in a General Sales Manager Role with one of the largest Toyota Groups in Australia. Although new-ish when comes to the finance role, his experience and knowledge certainly does translate across.

Our Team of Finance Specialists: Kerry

Kerry-Anne Oliver

Asset Finance Specialist

Although new to Finance Broker role, Kerry has a vast industry and sales experience. She has spent 10 years working in Banking for CBA, 6.5 years as a Business Development Manager with Bauer & Trading and a further 1.5 years as a Asset Lending Specialist.

Our Team of Finance Specialists: Tammy

Tammy Haug

Asset Finance Specialist

Tammy has spent 12 years working within the Finance & Sales Industry, holding multiple management roles for 7 franchises for over 4 years.

Our Team: Shuang-Hu

Shuang Hu

Asset Finance Specialist

Shu has been a finance broker for over 3 years. Previously, she was a highly accomplished finance manager within a Mazda dealership for 4 years, with an excellent track record of helping clients get their dream cars. 

Our Team: David Nunn

David Munn

Asset Finance Specialist

David has been an Asset Finance Specialist for over 5 years and was previously a Sales Manager for a per-owned vehicle dealership

Our Team: Darren Muller

Darren Muller

Car Broker & Asset Finance Specialist

General Sales & finance management professional with over 25 years of progressive experience. 6 years as GM & Group F&I for one of Australia’s largest BMW & MINI GROUPS.

Our Team: Corinna Bezanson

Corina Bezanson

Asset Finance Specialist

Corinna Has been working within the Asset Finance industry for over 5 years. Her previous roles include, overseeing and training finance managers in dealerships as well as running a finance brokerage for a dealer group.

Our Team of Finance Specialists: Chloe

Chloe Bare

Car Broker

Chloe joined the eCarz team 12 months ago as a junior/trainee. She has come along amazingly and is now a broker with the eCarz Team 

Our Team: Jackson Standley

Jackson Standley

Broker Support & Assistant

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